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Machi by Prehistoricdanc
I made this cosplay for CPAC back in April.  I wore it again recently at a recent Cherry Blossom fest, and found myself in a fountain. Not surprised? haha. <3

Machi from hunterxhunter

Photo by KassandraLeigh  <3
Happy 2015. I'm hoping everyone has made this year a lot better then 2014 was. *farting noises*

Katsucon was really great this year. Which is awesome since last years blew. I went as Annie 2.0, Sabrina from the pokemon games, Angel Stocking, and Fem! Kristoff. I was really happy with my cosplays this year. Minus my Stocking shoes. They were a size to big but they were all I could find. They ended up really fucking up my feet so I wore my boots most of the time. Punk rock angel stocking??? Dig it!!

I'm over the snow, and I want it to be warm already!! I haven't seen the ground since January!!! Well in NY at least. I saw the ground while in Maryland but it was so fucking cold there. So cold the water froze over.

Right now I'm working on other projects, and thinking of my AnimeNext situation. I was going to go to Colossal con but no one I know is really going? and if I went to that then I would probably not be able to go to Otakon. Plus it's the weekend before AnimeNext. I love conventions but I'm not really sure I could live through doing two back to back.

I don't really know what else. See you when the weather is warm XD
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Anarchy by Prehistoricdanc

Me, and Chexy as Panty and Stocking from this past Katsucon.

This years con was great.

Just ignore my one size to big shoes, and the black thing on my stocking lol. I didn't put elastic in the top like I should have.

This cosplay to date was my most complex. I've learned so much over the years. It took me a month and a half to make. (well more then that, thanks work)

Panty is Chexy
Stocking is me.

Photo by Ceal
Retouched by KassandraLeigh

Oh, wow, hey man. Didn't mean to leave dA hanging for four months!!


I had a Free! Themed birthday party back in July and it was really great. My friends are the best. They put it together for me. It was a pool party, obviously. I just wish it was a bit hotter out that day and NOT over casted!! *shakes fist* I was Gou, naturally.

I did go to Otakon. It was a good con but wow way to fucking hot. I loved the outside fountain and that amazing pirate ship T-T I did two characters for Summerstuck. Latula, and Vriska. I cosplayed Pirate Periwinkle, Umi, and Gou. Sadly I got a mixture of food poisoning, and heat stroke on the last day so I spent two hours in the car vomiting. It was terrible. Because I wasn't able to lift my head up I had to sleep at a friends in NJ. Then left 6 hours later. It was so bad. I couldn't eat anything but toast for two days.

I saw Linkin Park, and 30 seconds to mars in August. I also saw Within Temptation, and X-Japan in October. I went to NYCC Friday and then to the WT concert, and the next day I saw X-japan. It was a tiring weekend to say the least.

I cosplayed gym leader Sabrina from the Pokemon games. No one really recognized that version but I was relieved to not be bothered at a con for once. haha. I was pretty much by myself but I met up with other people. I got to borrow a ticket since they sold out so fucking fast.

Uh......I've been to loads of concerts this year. I saw Maximum the hormone in October as well. They're so nuts, it's great. I never thought I would have seen them, ever. I just saw Anberlin this past Sunday. It was the last time I'll ever see them since they're calling it quits. So sad. It was emotional.

I went to Hetalia day in October and it was way better this year then last. I went as Ireland again but I got to make a maid outfit :) And I sold some scarves.

I was Sam from Trick r treat for Halloween, and had my party on Halloween. My first party ever for the holiday was on Halloween years ago. This one was better then that one. For obvious reasons.

Now it's just time to get ready for Katsucon. In less then three months. Whyy? kill me. haha. 2015 is going to be a better Katsu then this year. This year was such shit that I barley even remember it. I just remember the snow storm ruined a lot. I was in a lot of pain, and hated all but one of my cosplays. haha. So terrible.

I'm being Angel Stocking, a version of Luka from Vocaloid, and female Kristoff. With a few casual cosplays like Yuu from Haikyuu. :3

Got my one blue, and pink scarf taken down from Etsy since I used my cosplay photos, and Hussie apparently didn't like that. I did get to sell one of the two at least before they searched the site. *rolls eyes*

I am taking scarf commissions!!! So you can message me at my Etsy or on my facebook fanpage. Links are down below!!!


Facebook page:…
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I take photos.
I write.
I sew.
I like crafts.
I make shit.
I cosplay.
I also love, hate and enjoy giggling at pointless things. :)

Tumblr: Damianrules

Skype: prehistoricdanc
Pottermore: ThestralUnicorn33

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Something for Show and Tell for you: Reni's Maid Cafe And Show 2013!
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Lot of people like my costume in this event, felt like a celebrity! XD
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On Sept 21, there's going to be this event: Reni's Maid Cafe & Show

If interested, then you can check out the full details here in this link:…

And yes, cosplaying IS involved during that event as well! But lunch, well, you'll have to get it yourself when in that cafe unfortunately. I might go there when that time comes. What about you? Until then, stay strong, fellow cosplayer! :D (Big Grin)

P.S.: As another advantage, this event has no age limits! :) (Smile)
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